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The Final Crisis in Revelation 4 & 5


The most complete and up to date material to understand the vision of Revelation 4 & 5, expressed in a simple language and with graphics which make its understanding easy. In addition, this work:

Includes all the basic biblical evidences for the understanding and meaning of its symbols and the projected scene.

  Is endorsed by the oldest and most recent views in the history of the Christian and Adventist interpretation.

  Is confirmed by the most complete study of all the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy, including those whichhad not been previously published.

  Is updated by the most current ecumenical news that shows us the time has come for the supreme deception of the antichrist, who attempts to receive from the inhabitants of this planet the honor and worship that the heavenly court grants to the New David, on the eve of His coronation in the New Jerusalem.

  Projects toward the glorious triumph of the redeemed, who will also be honored by the court to their “highest degree,” as “kings and priests” of Christ and of His Father, for all eternity.

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