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Seminar II: The Glorious Fulfillments of the Sanctuary


The prolific work that Dr. Alberto R. Treiyer has been performing on the Israelite worship for nearly thirty years clearly shows that he did not spend his time in a university simply wishing to obtain a degree. His passion on the message of the sanctuary has been burning in his heart before and after his doctoral studies. He realized that the present Christian world has not yet grasped the whole plan of redemption, as it is revealed in the shadows and fulfillments of the old liturgy.

This also explains why the author has been attempting to bring the theology of this topic to the level of the laymen and the church at large by holding evangelistic seminars in over eighty churches, as well as through camp meetings and pastoral meetings acoss the globe. The experience of winning many souls with these seminars and the positive reaction of many pastors and brothers have encouraged him to publish this material. His dream is to see preachers of this priceless gospel to multiply throughout the world.

In this second seminar, The Glorious Fulfillments of the Sanctuary, as in the former one, the author is not satisfied with unraveling the confusion that has been spread on this message during centuries of religious darkness and modern skepticism. As a result, he attempts to present its content in such a way that even pastors and laymen may find it practical, spiritual, and enlightening. Unlike the first seminar, this time the teacher’s and student’s sections are combined into one book. Thus, this seminar will have stories and illustrations followed by a quiz at the end of each chapter.

Dr. Gerhard Pfandl: “… a detailed Bible-based study of the major aspects of the plan of salvation seen against the backdrop of the sanctuary service. They are not only informative, but also spiritually uplifting and faith-strengthening. The many practical illustrations… make this material very readable.” A “valuable help for ministers and lay members alike.” (Associate director of the Biblical Research Institute: Silver Springs, MD).

Dr. Marcos Terreros: “This is an excellent work! … I was really blessed by reading this material.” (Former Master Program’s Chairman at Corporación Universitaria Adventista, Colombia, South America).

Dr. William Shea: “I loved the stories…” (Biblical Research Institute: Silver Springs, MD).

Pr. Daniel Scarone: “… a new proposition by one of the greatest specialists on the sanctuary message.” (Pastor, teacher, editor).
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