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More than 30 papers and articles have been published by Dr. Alberto R. Treiyer in: El Universitario Adventista (Spanish); El Ministerio Adventista (for Spanish and Portuguese pastors); Servir (for French pastors); Aller Diner (for German pastors); Signes de Temps (for French people); Revue de Philosophie et Théologie (Université de Strasbourg); Ministry(Ministerial Department of the General Conference of SDA); Shabat Shalom (for Jewish People); Dialogue (Education Department, GC of the SDA); Adventist Theological Society (for Adventist theologians).

Following are the titles of a few papers and articles Dr. Alberto R. Treiyer has authored (there are many more in Spanish). Some are available for download. You must have Microsoft Word and/or Adobe Reader or some compatible program to open the files.

March 2024 Dialogues on the Trumpets of Revelation
From its inception, the Seventh-day Adventist Church inherited from Protestants a historicist interpretation of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. But today, some are being drawn towards either futuristic fantasies or the indifference of historical idealism, by following the methodologies that they find in the current theological world. The resulting confusion in the trumpets of Revelation is so great that in a good number of Adventist theological centers, there are professors who leave this very important section of biblical prophecy untreated. It is for this reason that in this study, I have decided to thoroughly address these topics without ignoring our prophetic heritage and the biblical and historical analyses required.
June 2023 Theology of God´s Final Vindication. Biblical and Adventist Theodicy.
At one time, everyone in the Adventist Church accepted that the last generation had the mission of vindicating God’s character before the world and the universe. However, a shift in tone began to occur with the evangelical influence that many of our theologians embraced. When studying at Protestant or Evangelical theological centers, or when having to teach subjects related to the topic, these theologians read books that shaped their thinking. At times, some also sought to break free from a rigorous and legalistic lifestyle and swung to the other extreme.

The change in tone regarding the vindication of God can be seen in the fact that we have historically believed in the need to keep God’s commandments. However, the new assertion declares that God’s law cannot be kept, and therefore, the only one who could keep God’s law was Christ. This is what we were told by Evangelicals when we called them to keep the Seventh-day Sabbath of the Lord required by God in the fourth commandment. As a result of this new evangelicalist-oriented approach, many worldly concepts have been introduced in our church not only in theology but also in practice, ultimately leading to corruption and apostasy.
May 2023 III. Critical Reviews of the Andrews Bible Commentary: The vision of the throne in Rev 4 & 5
As the twentieth century started, E. G. White began to receive more definite revelations about the vision of the throne in Rev 4-5. Therefore, her secretary, Sara Peck, began to locate that vision in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary. In her views, followed by most SDA interpreters during the first half of the century, the candelabra was seen in front of the throne because the door was open to the Most Holy Place, as on the Day of Atonement. So, the SDA interpreters concluded that this was a vision of judgment corresponding to that of Dan 7, which was to be fulfilled in the time of the end.

But beginning in the 1980’s, we began to see some theologians make a special effort to deny every possible connection of Revelation 4 and 5 with the judgment scene of Dan 7. In order to do that, they fabricated a forced literary and theological structure based on things that John does not see, neglecting what he sees. They must also ignore the Spirit of Prophecy’s more definite statements about several key texts of that vision. Unfortunately, this distorted view is found in the Andrews Bible Commentary, which prevents people from preparing to participate in the solemn and impressive ceremony of the investiture of our Lord there portrayed.
Mar 2023 II. Critical Review on the Andrews Bible Commentary: The Name, Number and Place of the Roman antichrist (Rev 13 & 17)
The new Andrews Bible Commentary not only seeks to avoid naming the papacy by its blasphemous title, as in Rev 13:17-18, but also seeks to deny the application of its See over the city of Rome, clearly portrayed in Rev 17:9. The book of Revelation does indeed specify the blasphemous title vicarivs filii dei by means of its number 666. It also specifies the See of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome, the city of the seven mountains...
Mar 2023 I. Critical Review on the Andrews Bible Commentary: The Trumpets of Revelation
A new Bible Commentary has just been published under the auspices of Andrews University. Lead editor Angel Manuel Rodriguez bills it as “an outstanding contribution that will bless the church for years to come.” Pastor Mark Finley also believes that it is a monumental work that will enrich his personal preaching, teaching, and writings. There is no doubt that a work of this nature that required so much effort from many Adventist theologians in the world will contain some very valuable things. Unfortunately, we also see a very significant departure from the prophetic inheritance that we received from our pioneers and that was confirmed by the Spirit of Prophecy. I refer to the commentary on the book of Revelation.
Nov 2022 Dialogues on the Heavenly Temple in the Book of Revelation
A series of ten dialogs between Alberto, Daniel, and Roy Treiyer on the Temple of Revelation. You will find there an answer to more than 300 questions many people ask about the heavenly temple in the book of Revelation.
Jan 2022 Critical Observations on the Sabbath School Quarterly on the Epistle to the Hebrews (January - March 2022).
2021Changing the political and religious colors of the united states The method that is being used to change the political and religious colors of the U.S. is that of promoting the “woke” culture. What is the “woke” culture? It promotes unrest regarding immigration policy, race and gender identity, promoting hatred by the poor against what they consider white supremacy... In this way, new political and religious principles are imposed over all criticism and opposition, to rule the masses and destroy the true democracy and freedom of this country.
Dec. 2020The confrontation between the kings of the north and the kings of the south Some believe that all schools of interpretation fail in Daniel’s chapter 11. Preterists assume that there is no future prophecy, only a description of events that are projected as future but which existed in the prophet's own time. They cannot find a satisfactory historical fulfillment to biblical prophecies. Many historicists have also encountered trouble locating in history these prophetic descriptions of the last two chapters of the book of Daniel. This is because many exegetes do not know ancient history well enough to be able to find the exact time and event described in the prophetic text...
Sept. 2020The Human Nature of Jesuschrist The Bible informs us that Jesus Christ is a divine-human being. But in His earthly life, how much was revealed as divine and how much as human? What kind of human nature did He actually receive? This topic has divided those called prelapsarians from postlapsarians, two compound terms that come from lapsus, a Latin word meaning “slip” or “fall.” Thus, the prelapsarians understand that the Son of God received an impeccable human nature like Adam’s before the fall. And the postlapsarians believe that His human nature is as sinful as the one we inherit from Adam after the fall.
July 2020The Two Successive Kingdoms of the Messiah. By placing the messianic kingdom of David at the inauguration of the Messiah’s priestly mediatorial kingdom like that of Melchizedek, they ignore—if not absolutely almost entirely—His priestly ministry in heaven. The prophet Daniel had warned that “the place of His sanctuary” and “the truth,” would be “thrown to the ground” (Dan 8:11-13). Following this unilateral theological pattern that comes from a Christian world that buried Christ’s priestly ministry in heaven, some SDA theologians are taking steps in the same direction, failing to properly distinguish the nature of the two successive kingdoms of the Messiah. Especially in the book of Revelation, they apply to the past the royal Davidic role that God pointed out for the future, and as a result they dislocate the prophetic message of the different visions of Revelation.
Apr. 2020A Study on the Seventh-day Adventist Doctrine of Trinity. This is a study which deals with the current discussion on the Trinity in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. You will find here a brief history of the interpretation in our church, and how to answer antitrinitarians from a biblical perspective as well as from the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy.
Dec 2019Liberation or Subjection? The Trinity and the Social Design of Creation.
If someone were to write a book entitled Therapy of Subjection, no one would buy it, because everyone craves liberation, not subjection. Actually, no one seems to be satisfied with the current situation in society. On the one hand there are abuses of power, and on the other hand there is disagreement with the role that God assigned to every human being in this creation. Therefore many do not want to submit to anyone on anything, and reject even the sexual identity that God designed for them. Nor do they want to adhere to the social order that God established in Eden, which intends to be re-established in the bond of love.
The Only Cathar Book that Survived the Flames of the Inquisition
The Book of the Two Principles, written in Latin by a group of Cathars in Lombardy around the year 1240, contains in part a summary made by a scribe, of a work by John de Lugio which was lost (undoubtedly destroyed by the Inquisition), plus a compilation of other authors of inferior quality. It is important to analyze this work because the Albigenses in the Languedoc, and those in Italy later, were terribly persecuted, slandered, and massacred by the Roman papacy… Our interest is focused on understanding as much as possible from its own testimony, that Faith which was not permitted to leave a proper legacy for future generations...
Cathars et Protestants Familles Rebelles et Histoire du Midi by Michel Jas Bibliographical commentary by Dr. Alberto R. Treiyer
The 220-page book contains data on the history of the Albigenses, but rather than a history of that medieval faith from the 12th to the 14th centuries, the author intends to connect the genealogical and dogmatic content of those precursors of the Protestant Reformation with that of Protestants and Huguenots that appeared in the 16th Century. It also traces this affiliation geographically around the same places where the Albigenses had once prospered.

The Political Death of the Roman Papacy Marked by Separation of Church and State
The struggle for world dominion between the religious and secular powers has
not reached an end. This is the conclusion of David I. Kertzer, the author of a new book entitled, The Pope who would be King. The exile of Pius IX and the Emergence of Modern Europe (2018). This is why Kertzer has written about the history which marked the papal loss of the Pontifical States in the second half of the 19th Century, and the recovering of the Vatican as a sovereign state well within the 20th Century..

The Chrolonogy of the Passover and of the Passion According to the Bible, Astronomy, and the Spirit of Prophecy
The chronology of the Passover and of the Passion has been a topic of discussion among Jews and Christians throughout the centuries. There are many issues involved in the matter which are especially important to us because they have to do with the fulfillment of the prophecies of Dan 8 and 9..

2019Papal Attempts to Recover World Supremacy
In light of his secret politics in the first half of the 20th Century Four years ago while driving along a Chattanooga freeway, I heard an interesting radio interview with David I. Kertzer regarding his 500-page book, The Pope and Mussolini. The Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe (2014). Historical specialists commented that this work is destined to change forever what we had previously come to believe on these issues. We offer here a summary review of Kertzer’s book, with additional comments and testimonies from prophecy and history…

2019 Celebration churches - Awaken Conferences - Growing Young Churches - In the Southern Union
Rock music and stage layouts are being introduced into the Seventh-day Adventist Church, supposedly to keep the members of the church. I don't question the sincerity of the leaders that are resorting to this kind of worship but, is that kind of worship that pleases the Lord? “Among many of the ministers of Christ there is a feeling of unrest, a desire to imitate the romantic style of modern revivalists, a desire to do something great, to create a sensation, to be accounted able speakers, and to gain for themselves honor and distinction..." (5 T 132-3). Your danger, my dear brother, is in making the grave mistake of supposing that success depends on drawing a large congregation by outward display. To bring anything of a theatrical nature into the preaching of the word of God is to use common fire instead of the sacred fire of God’s kindling” (Letter 51, 1902, pp. 5, 6). “Genuine faith and love, and the reverence and fear of God, will have a refining influence on the life. Spurious pretenses, emotional, fitful, religious experiences will also make themselves apparent in the life. Too often, for a time, these pass for genuine religion; but their influence is such that the question is forced upon those who have a knowledge of the fruits of righteousness, What is the chaff to the wheat?” (Jer 23:28) (GH, August 1, 1906, 2).

2018 Principles of Apostasy in the Sabbath School Quarterly on Revelation
This is the first time in the history of the Adventist Church that a Sabbath School quarterly rejects the interpretation of our pioneers regarding the trumpets, even though it has been confirmed by the Spirit of Prophecy and the General Conference in session. This also marks the first time the spatial correlation between the earthly and heavenly sanctuary is disregarded in some points in such an important work. Furthermore, when it comes to the various apocalyptic symbols, modern interpretations and speculations are favored above the clearly defined explanations that Jesus gave us through the Spirit of Prophecy and which the Bible confirms. See also the following article regarding late changes to the Sabbath School manuscript:

2018 George Knight's Conspiracy Theory
Some articles and videos are spreading on the internet regarding how (supposedly) prophecies are being fulfilled with the General Conference returning to medieval papal tactics. They base this argument on several conspiracy theories being proposed by Dr. George Knight. Since making his bitterness against the GC public in the dissident magazine Spectrum, there is need to counter his expressed assumptions and assertions to help guide those confused or seeking orientation.

2018 Holy See or Nest of Corruption?
The pope of Rome pretends to be the Vicar of God and of His Son on earth. For this reason He requires that he be called “Holy Father,” and His chair is known as the “Holy See.” But Rome was never a holy city. The only holy one in the Bible is God (Rev 15:4), and the only holy city in the New Testament is the heavenly New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2,10). Rome is portrayed in the Bible as “a dwelling place for demons, a haunt for every unclean spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Rev 18:2) Many disregard what the Bible predicts about Rome, and are excited with the idea of uniting the world both religiously and politically. We don’t question the sincerity of their motivation, or of their good will. But they don’t have the spiritual discernment provided by the Bible to recognize the hidden undercurrent. There are spiritual forces at work in individual human lives and among the nations which we dare not underestimate. For this reason we must weigh with a sober mind the real background of the crisis which is overtaking the world.

Pastor Dante Gebel and Adventist Quartet "Amancecer" Invited
to an Adventist Pastoral Evangelistic Convention
The recent
invitation of a Pentecostal leader to a pastoral meeting in the
Southern Union led to strong reactions by several pastors. When
it comes to worship and praise, what principles should we keep in
mind? Here you will find a study of what God expects from us according
to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.

A history of interpretation and the confirmatory role of E. G. White Christians in the first centuries believed that the Roman Empire would be replaced by the antichrist to come, to whom the Lord would destroy “with the brightness of his coming” at the end of the world (2 Thess 2:8). The trumpets of Revelation were judgments of God through calls to war of princes and kingdoms who would consummate the destruction of Rome in her different phases. However, several centuries went by before the depicted events in the trumpets were fulfilled and better understood.

Seventh-day Adventists inherited the Protestant “historicist” approach even in the fulfillment of the prophetic dates projected for the fifth and sixth trumpets. But with the death wound inflicted to the political authority of the papacy in the year 1798, and under the influence of the modern philosophical “enlightenment,” many stopped seeing that the target of the divine judgments was still Rome, which would raise once again at the time of the end as a world political authority to receive its definitive destruction with the coming of the Lord. Even so, the prophetic torch we received from our spiritual ancestors remains alive. Here you will find the answers needed to keep the historical path of our prophetic faith.

Related to the battle of Bapheus and the start of the Ottoman Empire

The chronology of the historical events at the end of the 13th Century and the beginning of the 14th Century is important because it witnessed the beginning of the Ottoman Empire and the decline of the Byzantine Empire. According to the contemporaneous historian Pachymeres, at the end of the 13th Century the tremendous Turkish victory over the Byzantine army led by George Mouzalon at the Battle of Bapheus sounded the first alarm regarding the serious Turkish threat to the Eastern Roman Empire. Pachymeres gave the day and the month of that battle, but not the year. It took place on July 27th. The determination of the year, therefore, is a matter of discussion till today. The overwhelming evidence we have gathered from history leads us to date the battle of Bapheus on July 27, 1299.

2017 Identifying Babylon as the Roman Catholic Church.
Current objections and answers.

Some leaders of our church from different countries and continents are asking me to address the current trend to partially or completely detach the Roman Catholic Church from the apocalyptic Babylon. They write me that some who studied at Andrews University return to their areas of influence stating that Babylon is not Rome or the Roman Catholic Church...

E. G. White clearly identified the Roman Catholic Church under the symbol of Babylon, not only in connection with the Middle Ages, but also in its final context when the Protestant churches join her. But the axis of all that final conflagration of religions continues to be Rome. I believe that the trend of detaching Rome from her central role in the prophecy, in connection with the final apostasy, is a very serious deviation from the true meaning of Babylon in the book of Revelation, which betrays on the other hand, the purpose of numerous other apocalyptic prophecies...

2016 Islam in Prophecy. A brief commentary on the 5th and 6th trumpets.

My son Daniel is a physician and in this short article has highlighted, with my guidance, the main points that can be bibically and historically made about Islam in apocalyptic prophecy. The official Seventh Day Adventist historicist interpretation of the trumpets was established by a nominated committee during the early days of our church and later confirmed by Ellen G. White. Islam is symbolized in the 5th and 6th trumpets and was allowed to restrain apostate and oppresive Rome (the other religious power of the time) in order to preserve God's faithful remnant from extinction. Islam's imperial death knell was rung during Ellen G. White's era and concluded the time of the 6th trumpet. In spite of widespread disagreement about this prophecy, given the light provided by the Spirit of Prophecy, we can be confident about guiding others to the right track our pioneers started, rather than add to the confusion.

2016 Critical analysis of Jacques Doukan's commentary on Genesis

When I heard that some professors from Andrews University were planning to prepare a new Seventh-day Adventist Commentary, I was glad to discover that one of their expressed intentions was to offer sound biblical documentation backed by the Spirit of Prophecy. However, this commentary grieved me deeply because I could see that in such a sensitive subject as that of the creation and the fall, Doukhan adopts the widely represented style of some of our theological centers, which consists of choosing isolated statements from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy to then fit them into a literary or conceptual pattern that is foreign to the Biblical text being considered. This becomes even worse when the Biblical narrative is extrapolated to subsequent and extra-biblical content, which is in essence the same as importing ideas and concepts apart from those revealed...

2016 Renewed historical studies confirm the battle of Bapheus in 1299

This article has been removed because the author has progressed the historical understanding of these dates after significant additional research. For an updated and more complete study of this subject, see Chronology of Events in the History of Pachymeres
2015 Concerns about the new SDA International Bible Commentary (SDAIBC) There are two Bible commentaries that are underway in Andrews University. The first one has to do with an enlarged commentary of the Andrews Bible. The second one is called Seventh-day Adventist International Bible Commentary (SDAIBC). It is natural that many have concerns about these new commentaries of the Bible. In what follows, I will share my own concerns on the biblical points that are especially sensitive for our distinctive messages. Since the commentary is still in process, my concerns will not be an anticipated criticism of the commentary. It will reflect certain concerns about points which could strengthen or darken the truth.

I welcome, partially, the attempt to prepare a commentary that agrees with the Spirit of Prophecy. I say partially, because I repeatedly saw contributing scholars quoting statements of E. G. White for the purpose of corroborating a theological point long kept alive by the contributor. As I deal with my concerns on the new commentary of the Bible I am also aware of positions that contributing authors have held in the past and continue to advocate even today. I wonder what these editors will do when they encounter Spirit of Prophecy statements that challenge their past and current convictions regarding texts or visions under consideration. The books of the Bible which are prominent in our distinctive messages are Leviticus, Daniel, Hebrews, and Revelation. For the forthcoming commentary to be truly Adventist, will it maintain the positions transmitted by our pioneers in those books which were confirmed by the Spirit of Prophecy?

2015 Response to Ty Gibson's "A Closer Look at Women's Ordination"

The first time I met Ty Gibson was in a Symposium on the trumpets of Revelation organized by 3 ABN, about five years ago. At that time, we both defended historicism before some brothers who had abandoned that principle of prophetic interpretation in regards to that particular issue. Now, it is with regret that I have to point out several fallacies about his conclusions on WO. As you will see in the brief answers I offer here, his problems have to do with partial readings and misconceptions on what the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy have to say about this topic.

2015 Response to Ordination Facts'
"What the Bible really says about Women's Ordination"

Why did I decide to reply again to Ordination Facts? I could be satisfied with referring the reader to the documents mentioned above as well as others found in the page of Ordination Truth. But I realized that a brief reply would allow many who are not familiar with this subject, to more easily recognize the fallacy of those who want to project onto the Bible the particular problems of the current world. Of course, there is always something additional to say...

2015 Divine Titles Quoted to Deny Complementary Roles in the Church

In an attempt to deny the headship of man in the house and in the church, some resort to certain titles and roles of Christ as being exclusive. Therefore they conclude that both men and women are at the same level and equally eligible for leadership in the church. In their view, any attempt to put man over women usurps that unique position of the Lord. For this reason, it is necessary to show that the distinctive role of Christ and God as our supreme chief who requires our obedience and submission, does not prevent a similar and derived leadership in His representative leaders on earth...

2015 The Current Greatest Danger in our Apocalyptic Interpretation

Let me share in just two pages some concerns that many of us in the Adventist church have in reference to some of the new trends we are seeing in our apocalyptic interpretation. Several of these interpretations are leaving our prophetic historicist legacy imprecise and vague, if not completely discarding it altogether. This is happening at a time when the final trumpet is to be lifted up to give a certain sound, and instead these new ideas are introducing confusion in our ranks...

2015 A response to Dr. Pfand 'ls challenges regarding the
Adventist doctrine of the Heavenly Sanctuary
Let me share with you some serious problems that I find at present in Pfandl's ideas on the heavenly sanctuary. Since as a theologian, he occupied and still holds high positions in our church, namely, in the BRI, I feel that I have to speak clearly about his problems. If I don't do that, I will be considered a traitor by the heavenly court because the Lord allowed me to devote years and years of study on these matters, even before I obtained my doctoral degree at the Protestant Faculty of the University of Strasbourg in France. Some of my papers were published in the 80's by the BRI during difficult times when our doctrine of the sanctuary was challenged by Desmond Ford and others.

2014 Ishmael in Bible Prophecy and History

Abraham had two sons: Ishmael born of a servant, and Isaac born of the legitimate wife of the patriarch. Much has been talked about the offspring of Isaac, but little about that of Ishmael, and of the other sons and relatives of Abraham who conformed, as the time went by, the people called by the Bible "Children of the East." The controversy between these two descendants of Abraham marked centuries and millenniums of history. However, what counts in the Christian dispensation is the spiritual offspring of Abraham. For this reason, both people according to the flesh, together with all the gentiles who convert to the legitimate heir of the divine promises, can in the end form one redeemed people whom the apostle Paul called "The Israel of God" (Gal 6:15-16).

2014 Die Sieben Posaune (The Seven Trumpets)
- Reviewed by Dr. Alberto R. Treiyer

Ekkehardt Mueller is a member of the Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. His approach on the trumpets, available in German, places him in the liberal trend regarding this very significant subject of Revelation. This liberal trend on the trumpets of Revelation appeared shortly after the death of E. G. White, but it was never officially approved by the SDA Church. Several later propositions were also rejected. A new proposition, defended in part by two other authors, is what Mueller proposes here. As a result we consider it pertinent to warn readers about the weak points of such a proposition.

2013 Sabbath School Quarterly on the Sanctuary (Oct-Dec 2013)

This year's last Sabbath School quarterly on the subject of the sanctuary contains good information on several fronts. Unfortunately, several concepts are also introduced that contradict, paradoxically, the Adventist Church's long held beliefs regarding the gospel of the sanctuary. Whether it was due to ignorance or neglect that these ideas made it through committee filters remains unclear. Nonetheless, our desire is that such mistakes stimulate many believers to study these subjects more in depth which would otherwise go by unnoticed...

2013 The Biblical Research Institute's (BRI) Recent Circulation on the Trumpets

Following are a few counterpoints to what Ekkehardt Mueller recently wrote in one of the BRI's online circulations. They are mostly about the trumpets but also respond to his inaugural interpretation of Rev 4 and 5. See also the original article: 44th issue of the Biblical Research Institute Newsletter, Reflections.

2013 Book review of Satan's Counterfeit Prophecy by Heidi Heiks.

The book of Heidi Heiks, Satan's Counterfeit Prophecy, is distributed by Teach Services. Differing from other books that Heiks wrote, this is principally and specifically destructive. It required therefore a clear and definite answer to save many believers from losing their faith in the historicist interpretation that our church always defended and inherited from Protestantism and the Millerite movement. When toward the end of the 19th Century there was an attempt to change the interpretation of the trumpets, our church realized that this would unsettle the foundation of our faith. It is amazing now that some leaders do not realize it today, and are undermining that prophetic foundation without perceiving its consequences...


My two replies to Heidi Heiks' counter critiques.
This is my reply to the two responses of Heidi Heiks on my criticism of his book concerning the dates of the fifth and sixth trumpets of Revelation. Since this issue is crucial for our prophetic interpretation, I considered it useful to give a clear and precise response to his arguments.

"The enemies of truth cannot make truth error. They may trample upon the truth, and think that because they have cast it down, and covered it with rubbish, it is overcome; but God will move upon some of his faithful ones to do as Christ did when he was upon the earth, -- brush away the rubbish, and restore the truth to its appropriate setting in the framework of truth" (HM, September 1, 1894 par. 2).

2013 3ABN's Interview of Dr. Ron du Preez regarding Revelation's sixth trumpet.

This is a favorable review of 3ABN's recent 2 hour interview of Dr. Ron du Preez regarding the dating of the sixth trumpet of Revelation. See the complete interview on YouTube: The Trumpets.


The Dates for the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets of Revelation Challenged
- A Trend to Depart from our Adventist Historicist Legacy

This article has been removed because the author has advanced in the historical understanding of these dates after significant additional research. For an updated and more complete study of this subject, see the following:


Book Review of Trumpet after Trumpet by Erwin R. Gane (2012)


Book Review of The Truth about 666 and the Story of the Great Apostasy by Edwin de Kock (2011).

Let me share with you my review of the tremendous work of de Kock (more than 800 pages) on the number 666 and the story of the great apostasy, with additional commentaries written by me on the topic. The book of de Kock is, in my view, the most comprehensive book ever published to date on the number 666 and its connection with the title Vicarius Filii Dei.


How Typology Affects Church Structure -- in light of the current discussion regarding the Ordination of Women (September 2012).

The way in which Christian churches understand the typology of Israel’s ancient sanctuary services in the new dispensation has led to different church structures. Included in this problem is the current discussion regarding the ordination of women. There is only one correct typology in regards to the old and the new systems of worship. It is this understanding that can free the Christian church from falling into either of two extremes. On the one hand we find the Roman hierarchical structure—one with a visible head named the pope. The other extreme encompasses churches prone to congregationalism (as seen in many Evangelical and Protestant churches today given their tendency to avoid being subject to any head or law).


A response to Ministry magazine's article entitled: Issues in the Interpretation of the Seven Trumpets of Revelation (January 2012).

This is brief response to the article on the interpretation of the seven trumpets of Revelation that appeared in the January 2012 edition of Ministry magazine.


"Symposium on the Trumpets of Revelation."

This is a theological report that I prepared concerning the symposium held at 3ABN on February 18-20, 2011. The meetings were organized after the reaction of many viewers to the conference of Pr. Kenneth Cox toward the end of July 2010. The discomfort of the public had to do with his introduction of a futuristic interpretation for this section of Revelation. Despite the frank and sometimes passionate confrontations in the meetings of the symposium, there was a friendly and Christian atmosphere in all those who intervened. The confrontation revealed three basic trends: a futuristic view (sometimes mixed with a belief in double fulfillment), an idealistic/spiritualistic approach with a spiritualization of the descriptions of the trumpets similar to what we find in the interpreters of the Middle Ages, and the historicist perspective that we, Seventh-Day Adventists, received as a legacy from Protestantism.

2006"A Summary of the Heavenly Ministry of Jesus and its Relation to Revelation 4-5."

This is a summary of Jesus' work in the heavenly sanctuary and its relation to the vision of John in Revelation 4-5, in light of what E. G. White did and did not say.

1996"The Priest-King Role of the Messiah", in Adventist Theological Society, VII, 1996, 64-80. 
1994"The Gospel of the Sanctuary. Its value for today," in Ministry, October 1994.  
1989"Antithetical or Correspondence Typology," in F. B. Holbrook, ed., Issues in the Book of Hebrews (Biblical Research Institute, Washington, D.C., 1989), IV, 187-198.
1986"The Day of Atonement as related to the Contamination and Purification of the Sanctuary," in F. B. Holbrook, ed., 70 Weeks, Leviticus, Nature of Prophecy (Biblical Research Institute, Washington, D. C., 1986), III, 198-256.