Papiers et Articles du Dr. Alberto R. Treiyer (Veuillez attendre la traduction)
       More than 30 papers and articles of the author were published in: El Universitario Adventista (Spanish); El Ministerio Adventista (for Spanish and Portuguese pastors); Servir (for French pastors); Aller Diner (for German pastors); Signes de Temps (for French people); Revue de Philosophie et Théologie (Université de Strasbourg); Ministry (Ministerial Department of the General Conference of SDA); Shabat Shalom (for Jewish People); Dialogue (Education Department, GC of the SDA); Adventist Theological Society (for Adventist theologians).  
       Following are the titles of several papers and articles Dr. Alberto R. Treiyer has authored. Some are available for download. You must have WinZip or some other decompressing program to access the articles. You must also have Microsoft Word or some compatible program to open the files.  

1996 "The Priest-King Role of the Messiah", in Adventist Theological Society, VII, 1996, 64-80.

1994 "The Gospel of the Sanctuary. Its value for today," in Ministry, October 1994.

1989 "Antithetical or Correspondence Typology," in F. B. Holbrook, ed., Issues in the Book of Hebrews (Biblical Research Institute, Washington, D.C., 1989), IV, 187-198.

1986 "The Day of Atonement as related to the Contamination and Purification of the Sanctuary," in F. B. Holbrook, ed., 70 Weeks, Leviticus, Nature of Prophecy (Biblical Research Institute, Washington, D. C., 1986), III, 198-256.
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